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RE: Learn how to get the most profit out of your PLR products!

Dear Profit Seeker,

It's no secret that PLR (public label rights) products are highly profitable and can give any internet marketer a successful and lucrative business.

The big hurdle is trying to figure out what to do with these little goldmines once you have them in your possession.

Then there is the question of how to do it

You would be surprised to know the amount of people who have tons of PLR stored on their hard drive virtually rotting.

It's the same old same old... you see this great product that fits right into what you have in mind...

You purchase it, open it up, look over all the contents, and then usually for most people one of two things occur or both...



The sad truth is over 90% of people never will do anything with these products, and ultimately lose out on thousands of dollars that could've been made...

All because they didn't know what to do to profit from it! What a shame!

Many of these products come with some type of slight information on how you can profit from them on the product page, but that's where the road ends.

Once it comes to showing and teaching you, those kinds of things simply aren't included.

That kind of thing is left to each individual marketer and his or her own knowledge and skills.

So many people aren't aware that there isn't just one or two ways to profit from PLR products, but several never thought of ways...

There are so many options when it comes to PLR products and the different ways you could revamp them to fit exactly what you want and what you think will profit you and your business the most.

Do you currently have a graveyard of PLR products on your hard drive collecting dust?

Do you have eBooks, reports, videos, articles, and more with PLR waiting to be used?

Have you tried profiting with PLR products in the past and you haven't been successful?

Have you passed up great PLR products you thought were great, but you just didn't know what to do with them?

Are you ready to "throw in the towel" because you are confused with how to use PLR products and feel like you're wasting your time and money?

If you said YES to any of these questions, then it's crucial you keep reading this...

I've been dealing with PLR for years, and if there's one thing I've learned about them is there is no one way to use them.

Not only have I dealt with them and bought them for my own use, but I have created countless PLR products as well.

So it kind of goes without saying just on that alone that I know a good bit about PLR and what to do with it.

Did you know that an eBook with PLR doesn't always have to stay an eBook? Heck no, you can transform it into anything!

Did you know that those three related reports on travel you have sitting on your hard drive can be turned into one huge eBook?

The list goes on and on of the things I could ask, but let's cut to the chase...


Underground Income Formulas for Cashing In With PLR Products

PLR Formulas Video Course

This video guide shows you step-by-step instructions on how to edit your PLR products such as eBooks, reports, articles, and how to monetize them to your advantage. I'll take you through the process of editing your sales pages and squeeze, how to add your "Buy Now" buttons, how to add you opt-in box, and much more! It's like watching me over my shoulder as I do it!


Find out the many different ways that you can use ebooks to make multiple different PLR products.

Learn how you can go in and edit your sales page to change the content, headlines, and place your name as the product owner.

Discover how you can create a ton of backend sales through your download page.

Learn how to create and install your own opt-in box on your landing page.

Get the step-by-step to editing content and headlines on your salespage in HTML and how to edit .psd headlines and images as well.

Find out how you can combine articles together to create other products to sell and enhance your traffic to your sales page.

Learn how YouTube can be your best friend and drive tons of customers to your products.

Having trouble setting up your "Buy Now" button? I've got your point and click instructions to set it all up the right way.

Find out how videos can bring traffic to your blog and send hungry customers to your products.

Want an easy way to set your blog on autopilot? Find out how you can use various PLR products to ensure that you always have constant and updated content...all-the-time!

Need some help from affiliates? Learn how you can use affiliate products to gain you an extra share of profits!

Follow up messages? Oh, yea... but don't worry I got you covered!

Want more value for your products? I've got all the answers you need to making a complete package deal that will sell like hotcakes!

Learn how you can take articles and submit them into article directories to drive traffic back to your product page, squeeze page... or even your blog!

Helpful tips and strategies from a PLR Pro!

PLR Formulas Video Course

Straight Up... you can be willing to bet if you walk away from this and you don't know how to profit with these PLR products, then you are never going to get anywhere and you will fail!

This is not just information that would be helpful to know or would be nice to know... this is information that you "HAVE" to know!

There is no if, ands, or buts about it... if you want to use PLR products and make the ultimate profits with PLR products you have to know how to utilize and monetize them to make more bang for your buck! It's that cut and dry!

Now, there are tons of products out on the market today that are claiming to offer step-by -step instructions and then you find yourself with a product that only explains the steps and doesn't really "show" you how too... making it as useless as a boat with a hole in the bottom of it!

Now, if you'd like you can go and pay an internet marketing coach or trainer to show you how to do it... but get ready to spend about $200 bucks and hour for their services. You could just pay someone to edit everything and put it all together for you, but once again get ready to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars doing that.

Good luck with that! If you can profit after spending that much by doing that, by all means contact me and teach me how! :-) Seriously, all jokes aside... I'm giving you the opportunity that you have been waiting for and needing, you just simply have to take the steps today to get your hands on this amazing PLR video course, so you can start profiting like never before!

Now, I know what you're probably thinking, "This video course has to be outrageously priced!" As I've stated before people spend hundreds of dollars and even sometimes thousands of dollars just trying to flip a PLR package, and even more for training and etc.

I thought about that and immediately knew I could ask $97, or even $67 for this course and still make people faint with value! So then I thought about giving a great offer at $47, but then I come to the conclusion... this is a New Year, and a chance for you to turn a new leaf over, and start profiting from PLR products the most exclusive way!

So I decided to give you this rare and unbelievable chance to grab this offer for a measly...

PLR Formulas Video Course

There are a ton of people who have had success using these same methods I am offering to teach you... including myself.

However, I know making decisions sometimes can leave you wondering what the pros and cons are.

Well, I am so confident in this product that if for any reason whatsoever if you feel like this has not made an impact on your life and the way you use PLR and you feel this course hasn't help you... I will simply give you your money back!

And this isn't a guarantee for 30 days...I'm giving you a FULL 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

How can you say no now?

I'm sure you would agree that for the small price I am offering this at is a bargain in itself, but with this guarantee like this, it's an offer you can't pass up!

Plus You're Also Covered By My "No Questions Asked" 60 Day Guarantee!


Take me up on my offer and if you're not completely thrilled in the first ten minutes then I insist that you email me here and I will personally refund every penny of your investment.
Or better yet...
Try it out for a full 2 months. Go through all the killer content until your heart's content and if you're still not satisfied for any reason or no reason at all, simple send me a quick email here and I will refund every penny of your order!

Wouldn't you agree that it's time to blow the dust off of all the PLR you have piled on your computer, and start putting it to use to grow a massive income like never before?

It can all be possible when you invest in this amazing course!

It doesn't have to be hard anymore! It doesn't have to be a hair pulling experience just trying to learn what to do with your PLR products! I'm giving you all the answers right here!

It just takes dedication and this course!

Before you know it, you will be taking the same PLR you've had for a while that you have been doing nothing with, and suddenly making a great income source with the incredible strategies you learn from this incredible course.

Face it, time is wasting and you are watching the parade go by while everyone else get this valuable information you could be getting!

Don't let your opportunity slip away when you have a chance to grasp it now.

I'm warning you now for the record, waiting around will come back to haunt you because this offer will not last forever.

I'm asking you today to take this chance to secure your copy of this need-to-have course so you can start cashing in with your PLR! Click "Buy Now" Below now to secure your copy!

PLR Formulas Video Course

Thanks for checking out my offer! I guarantee your going to love it!

To Your Success!

Coby Wright

P.S. Remember you get instant access to the complete video course plus the bonus Mp3's and my IRON CLAD 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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